These 30 Life Hacks Have Saved People Up to Four Hours Every Week Around the House

Ever picked up a time-saving ‘life hack’ from an online video? Today might be a good day to start because a new study suggests that those little tips and tricks save people almost four hours of effort every week.

That’s according to a survey of 2,002 Americans, 41% of whom have described life hacks to be useful efficiency shortcuts.

One-quarter of those familiar with life hacks even claim having six hours per week to spare after using the shortcuts.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Minute Rice, the survey also found that the most popular life hacks were those focused around cooking or the kitchen, with 54% saying they use them regularly.

Cooking hacks that ranked high included batch cooking meals for the whole week (41%), boiling potatoes with skins on for easier removal (40%) and using microwaveable rice (39%).

Six in 10 respondents say they watch life hack videos on the internet, with 42% of people saying they’ve shared their own life hack tips online at some point.

Like all skills, some life hacks require practice; respondents revealed that it takes them an average of three attempts to get a life hack right.

33% have learned tips for make-up, 33% have organized their kitchen better, and another third have found tips to make gardening more enjoyable.

“Anything that gives us time back in our day, from cooking hacks to back-to-school hacks should be embraced. Because when we save time on daily life tasks, we can slow down and enjoy time with those who matter most,” said Erica Larson, Senior Brand Manager of Minute Rice.

30 Most Successful Life Hacks

1) Drying a wet smartphone in rice
2) Adding baking soda to boiling water to help remove egg shells easier
3) Laying a wooden spoon across a pot to keep it from boiling over
4) Cleaning jewelry with toothpaste or Dawn dish soap
5) Cleaning stains with baking soda and vinegar
6) Putting tea bags in shoes to remove the smell
7) Using WD40 to clean the headlights on my car
8) Keeping extra trash bags in every trashcan to keep from having to go get them to replace
9) If vacuum cord keeps coming out of the outlet, push prongs closer together to make it tighter
10) Putting cold water on an onion to stop the tears in your eyes
11) Peeling ginger or hardboiled eggs with a spoon
12) Putting a potato on a broken light bulb to remove it
13) I polish my boots with banana peel and it makes them shinier
14) Adding tomatoes to hot water for easy pealing
15) Transform plastic bottle to flower vases
16) Nail polish on keys to identify them
17) Putting the Saran wrap in the freezer so it doesn’t stick together when you use it.
18) Shaking a hard boiled egg in a mason jar to peel it
19) Using old tissue box to store plastic bags
20) Using a carabineer to attach dog leash to my waste or poop bags to the leash.
21) Using a potato masher to break up frying hamburger
22) Using candle to fix a difficult zipper
23) Using pot lid to get cheese sauce out of packet.
24) Using the spring from my pen, on my phone charger at the stress point
25) Using vinegar/baking soda to polish silver.
26) Using Vinegar to clean shower head
27) Wrapping lettuce in a few pieces of paper towels to keep it fresh longer
28) Removing candle wax using ice cubes
29) Cleaning stains with lemon and vinegar
30) “I always use unflavored string floss to slice food items like block cheese, cakes, and dough like homemade cinnamon rolls. It’s a lot cleaner and more precise. It doesn’t tear up the food and makes a very nice presentation, especially for guests. I actually keep floss in my kitchen for this purpose.”